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EOS-NNI and MOT Ports Should not be Parallely Used in MPS/MCSM Cards

16 August 2011 7 Comments

While Performing  any   activity in MPLS card (MPS,MCSM)  kindly follow the below method  

·       First Check whether the card type is  MPLS card(Both in MPS & MCSM), Confirm by checking MPLS PE ID Configured in that card.

·       If MPLS PE-ID Configured  then check whether any MOT trail created

·       If  MOT trail present  then never create any normal EOS-NNI  trail  in that MPLS card (Both in MPS & MCSM)

·       If normal EOS Trail need to be create then create as a EOS-UNI only

Problem Cause:

While creating EOS-NNI trails in MPLS card (Both in MPS & MCSM) , MOT- Trails are going in inconsistence state, and it’s automatically creating  un-wanted VSI randomly.

Due to which protection switchover issues are faced in MOT Trails.

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  • Rajnandan S said:


    Would you pls provide descriptions for UNI,NNI,I-NNI,E-NNI and where to configure which port.

    Expecting your quick response.


  • admin (author) said:

    UNI-User to Network Interface
    NNI->Network to Network Interface

    Consider a Ring when Ethernet Over Service needs to be given for many customers We use the Concept of Customer VLAN.When many Customers needs to be served a Layer 2 Card needs to be used.Why Layer 2 Card it supports EOS-NNI,ETY-UNI there needs an In and a Out .For a Single Service to be created in a Ring we need to Two EOS and one ETy.
    In a Layer 1 Card only UNI is supported when a single customer needs to be served there is no need for the concept of C-Vlans ,Point to Point Link thats why when a Layer 1 is configured we use EPL to create VSI service where both ETY and EOS are in UNI.When a MultiPoint needs to be configured we use PBMtp to create the VSI Service.Thats why all Customer Links will be Created as L1.If the Card itself is a L1 supportin card then only EPL service can be created.
    When E-NNI and I-NNI Concepts come into play incase of a FPR Ring closure if at any point in the ring FPR cannot be used then a FPR would be installed near by and a STM-1 or needed would be given via a Mux.When Traffic goes via these mux it needs to carry the traffic alone but no Dropping will be there in these cases for all Services as HSPA ,o&m Etc these E-NNI and I-NNI are used.

  • Laxmikant said:

    How to solve problem of inconsistence state?, and How it’s automatically creating un-wanted VSI randomly?

  • admin (author) said:

    When Tunnels go the Inconsistent State,Need to Check the Probable Cause for the Inconsistency which can be seen while running Tunnel Consistency Indicator.

    1.Run Tunnel Consistency
    2.If there are 32 Tunnels in Inconsistent State
    3.Delete the First Tunnel From Database and Activate,Run TC Again
    4.Now 4 to 5 Tunnels with the Same Tunnel Id would Appear,Select them and Run TC
    4.They would appear in Network alone,admit it from Nw to Database
    5.Now Run TC again,the count would have reduced

    Note:-Although there are different ways of approach depending on the Probable Cause for Various Inconsistencies

    When a MOT Tunnels goes to Inconsistency

    There is STM-4 Link Between A and B
    MOT Trail is Passing via this Link
    STM-4 Link needs to be Upgraded to STM-16

    Inorder to free the STM-4 Path between A and B,MOT Trail needs to be Re-routed via some other Path

    For that.
    1.Check the End Points of MOT Trail
    2.Get the MPLS ID
    3.Select ETH/MPLS ,Other than C-16 Select the Nodes and the Link given M-Tunnels
    4.Remove FRR Protection,Unassign any By-Pass if FRR Protection is unable
    5.Delete the Tunnels From DB now The TC Count would have increased

    After STM-16 Upgrade bring back the MOT Trails via the Same Path
    Run TC and Admit the MOT Tunnels Back

    When this will not work or Inconsistecny not getting solved is
    1.If MOT Tunnels are deleted from DB when it has FRR Protection

  • Ramesh said:

    Wat is te protocol using for MOT ?

    While Mux up-gradation how to shift te Tunnels. The xml editing is working,we can able to shift te tunnels. but i cant able to get TCI to admit to nms. When we try to admit to NMS its give error

    * kindly refresh tunnel list
    * thers is no COS and showing some tunnels.

    but i logined and check te NE. The proper tunnels r there.

  • Abhay said:

    What is the full process to insert new PE in MOT ring?
    How tunnel will be configured in this situation for existing tunnel & for new tunnel for new PE in ring?

  • SS said:

    Is any one can share DWDM concept!!!

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