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Steps to Identify KLMmismatch trail before performing Remove NE operation from NMS GUI-Node Removal

17 July 2011 7 Comments


1.       While performing anyremove NE operation on topology it’s must to check the KLM on either sidetopology. Same can be checked with utility “AsymmetricTrails.pl”. Utility will help to identify theKLM difference on left and right topology of NE to be removed.

Usage: AsymmetricTrails.pl  -a <TrailXMLFile1>  -b  <TrailXMLFile2>  -o <OutputCSVFile>  -n  <NetworkElementName>

-h  prints  this help

-v  prints  version of the script

<TrailXMLFile1>  and<TrailXMLFile2>   are the trails XML files  generated for the topology links on both sides of the NE, which has to be removed.

Ex: nms> ./AsymmetricTrails.pl -a PCHVT.xml -b CRPHS.xml -o test.csv -n GJ_AHMD_CRPHS_M01_C_U_EX1K003

Kindly follow the below points to befollowed to get the Trail IDs which will need to be later edited to makeSymmetric TUs.

1.       Identify thetopologies on either side of the NE to be removed.

2.       Kindly ensure both topologiesare of the same rate.

3.       On Topology 1, Filterall LO trails and export them as XML. Save them under the NMSTrails folder inthe NMS.

4.       Repeat the sameaction for Topology 2.

5.       Now telnet to theNMS, and from the NMSTrails folder, run the attached script using the aboveSyntax.

6.       Generated o/p filewill include Trail IDs of all trails that need to be edited before performingthe Remove NE operation.

2.       Also Kindlyperforming any critical activity / migration then need to check whether involvedNE is sync in NMS DB or not? Same can be checked by running command assuggested in next line.

26nms(z1-VODA-GUJ-NMS) ~ > printSubnets.pl |grep -i not

“XDM1″ ME:10.0.539004271 Subnet: 10.0.539004275”EMS~~LSN/EMS_SYNCOM_22@@ManagedElement~~19361” Not synchronized

“XDM2″ ME:2.0.645208461 Subnet: 2.0.645208465”EMS~~LSN/EMS_SYNCOM_22@@ManagedElement~~22380” Not synchronized

27 nms(z1- NMS)~ >

GSM Complete Review!!!


  • Sheetal said:

    Thanks providing NE removal procedure.

    I will be more thankful to you if you solve below problems..

    1.How to find out NE in ECI EMS(GUI) as no search option is available and it takes lots of time to find out NE?
    2.How to switch MXC manually without traffic affecting?
    3.How to send trace on EoS
    4.How to find out DRI(Not Diverse Route(DR))trails in NMS?
    5.How to re-route MoT trail if Protected NE with bypass are present in it?
    6.some usefull commands for ECI NMS


  • admin (author) said:

    1.How to find out NE in ECI EMS(GUI) as no search option is available and it takes lots of time to find out NE?

    Inventory Option in EMS is the only way to find the NE,Find the NE in Inventory ,after selecting the NE it would appear in the EMS window high Lighted.

    3.How to send trace on EoS

    If u have configured an EOS-VC4-x Trail,give trace on the Corresponding VC4 and Check whether the Other End you are getting the trace.Giving Trace on the KLM in which A end is Provisioned can produce Trace on the B End KLM,making sure the Path is Connected.

    5.How to re-route MoT trail if Protected NE with bypass are present in it?

    a.Remove FRR protection in the Tunnels of the MPLS ID except C-16
    b.Delete By-pass and unprotected from DB only
    c.if unable to delete unassign
    d.Re-route the MOT Trail to another Path.

    Sometimes after all this also will not get Rerouted then Mask the Alarms on A and B end of the MOT ring and then Re-route.

    For other Question Need to Deliver a Posting Soon.

  • Sheetal said:

    Thanks a lot for providing solutions.

    *Very good solution provided for NE searching in EMS.
    *EoS trace-Still I am not finding any option to send trace on VCG Source(RS source)in EoS.Pls provide procedure for ECI NMS.

    Also i have more questions in my mind but i am not getting proper solutions/documents for them like…
    1>How to convert PE to PB
    2>What is CAC,Overbooking Factor and How to configure?
    3>How to delete ETH services from DB only and How to acquire back
    4>Why PVID is required if CVLAN is available in MPLS?
    5>UNI and NNI,I-NNI,E-NNI port assigning and what is difference in between them?
    6>How to collect Eth services list if ETH services are created in EMS(VSI list option is available but it only gives lable i think, i want details of ETY and EOS port used for VSI for all EoS trails present in NMS?

    Also for

    2.How to switch MXC manually without traffic affecting?

    4.How to find out DRI(Not Diverse Route(DR))trails in NMS?

    6.some useful commands for ECI NMS

    I am awaiting desperately for above all queries..

    Thanks and regards

  • Rajnandan S said:


    I also want above points to cleared,can anybody have answers?

    Keep posting..

    Rajnandan S

  • admin (author) said:

    Before Two days we have faced an Issue which has Caused a huge outage around 300 3G sites went down and took 8 hours to Restore Back.

    A test Mot Trail was Created,in which Services and Tunnels were added for Test Purpose to be Delivered to a customer.Test MOT Trail was Created.

    After Two days Customer made another Request to Change the End point of the MOT Trail and he needs the B End Drop on another Node.

    To change the End point of the MOT Trail Services needs to be deleted and Tunnels needs to be deleted,Then only the MOT Trail can be edited as per Local Procedure.

    In Mot all ETH Services are created in NMS and its gets updated in the NE.

    Shift Engineer has Deleted the Service from NMS,to edit the MOT Trail on deleting the Services from NMS all Services which had the Same VPN ID got deleted across the whole Network in almost many NE’s,which to led to 300 3G sites Outage.

    ITs Well Recommended when deleting the ETH Services in MOT,Login to the Corresponding NE and delete the corresponding ETH Service alone.Do not delete it from NMS,it would be a huge problem then.

    This a planner issue because he has Created Merged VSI with the Same VPN id but its observed many networks follow the same concept.

  • Rajnandan S said:


    Thanks for sharing your experience !!!

    Its very clear that services should be deleted from particular NE and not from NMS as VPN ID can be common for multiple services which are presents in NMS.


  • Govardhan said:

    How to create trail in eci nms for NPT-1200? please give solution .

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